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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Buying Office Cubicles

What kind of cubicles do you manufacture?

We manufacture  monolithic and tile cubicle systems.

The Emerald Cubicle Series is a monolithic cubicle system. The design offers the perfect blend of privacy and collaboration. The various panel heights allow great variability when deciding on the perfect height for your office space.

Completely custom, semi-custom, and 72-hour quick ship is available

Additional cubicle details:  

  • 2 ½” Thick panel walls that are tackable
  • We offer glass tops (12” and 36” height) 
  • Hinged wire management 
  • Choice of 42”, 52”, and 65” panel heights

Find out more about the Emerald Cubicle System here: http://www.cubicles.cc/emerald-cubicle

The Sapphire Cubicle System is our tile system.  This type of system allows for additional flexibility in configurations for your cubicle layout with heights that go as low as 42” and as high as 9 feet.

Additional cubicle details:

  • 3 ¼” thick panel walls that are tackable
  • Doors available for offices over 7 feet
  • Hinged cable track for easy access to wire management

Find out more about the Sapphire Cubicle System here: http://www.cubicles.cc/sapphire-cubicle

How do I pick the right cubicle? How many cubicles do I need?

Picking the right cubicle for your office is easy. Just ask yourself the following questions:

Space: What size is your space? Are there any architectural elements that need to be considered like wall space, and large structural posts?

Work: What type of work will your employees do? For example, if you are hiring a staff for a call center that doesn’t require a lot of paper storage, you can choose from a variety of smaller sized call center cubicles. If your staff needs space for planning and collaboration, you will want to consider a larger sized cubicle.

Employees: How many employees do you have now or plan to a have in the future

 You can of course, give us a call. We have been helping people design the perfect office space for years.

Do you do designer cubicles? Do you offer custom colors for cubicles?

We have access to 100’s of high-quality fabrics to choose from though Guilford of Maine. In addition, we offer various accent trims and laminates to complete the look of your cubicle. We can do modern cubicles, traditional or completely abstract. There are really no limits to your custom options.

We also offer glass etching, lighted cubicle panels, laminate cubicles and whiteboard panel options.

How fast can I get my cubicles?

Our Emerald Cubicle system comes with a 72-hour quick ship cubicle option. We also offer a semi-custom cubicle option with our in-stock lime, slate, and silver fabrics. These ship within 2-3 weeks. Custom cubicles take 10-12 weeks.

Can I install the cubicles myself?

Absolutely. Installation is easy and we offer complete support with instruction sheet and video tutorials.

Do you install the office cubicles?

No, we do not install the cubicles. We have a network of installers across the country that are professional and trusted.

Is there a minimum to buy for cubicles?

No. You can order one call-center or 100’s. We are here to service your needs however large or small.