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Choose from glass modular offices, office Cubicles, demountable office partitions, desking & benching system or mix a few office furniture series to achieve the look you require. Not everyone works the same that is why at Cubicles.cc we offer call center cubicles, managerial cubicle workstations, executive modular offices, teaming cubicles, L shape cubicles, and many more. With 100’s of cubicle layouts to review. Let one our designers space plan your office to create a modern an open floor plan. We manufacture, designs, and install nationwide. Give us a call at 888.993.3757 or email: sales@skutchi.com for a free consultation.


Planning Tips: Consider the following when planning for panel heights.

    • 39" Tall: Collaborate and see into cubicles without any interference. Low noise control. Offered in only our Emerald Cubicle System.
    • 52" Tall: No visibility with other workers if all the panels are solid. You have the option to have glass top panel, which will allow for visibility. Mid noise control.
    • 65" Tall: High privacy and high noise control.
    • 85" - 96" Tall: Floor to ceiling demountable panel cubicles with maximum privacy and high noise control. Offered in only our Sapphire Cubicle System.

All cubicles are offered in various fabric and laminate color options.