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Cubicle Layouts & Configurations

Click the pictures below to browse our exclusive modular furniture systems. Whether you are designing for privacy collaboration or your ideal combination of both, Skutchi Designs can provide a tailored furniture solution to suit your unique needs. Modern, versatile and affordable, modular furniture systems by Skutchi Designs provide more options than other brands with a wide range of fabric and laminate choices to perfectly match existing décor or create an entirely new design. For more information on innovative and flexible furniture systems by Skutchi Designs give us a call at 1-888-993-3757


Emerald Typicals

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Sapphire Typicals

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Diamond Typicals

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Lunar Typicals

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Skutchi Designs offers a multitude of pre-designed cubicle layouts and configurations. These have been designed to fit most standard office spaces but there are many other options for configuration, size and room layout. For more information on other configurations and submitting your office floor plan please call 1-888-993-3757 or email sales@skutchi.com.

L-Shape Cubicle Footprints Call Center Cubicle Footprints 120 Degree Cubicle Footprints