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Sapphire Demountable Wall System

                 Skutchi Designs is proud to now offer the epitome of modular offices as a quick-ship option. The Sapphire Demountable Wall System is a sleek, modern and beautiful solution to office design combining flexibility, affordability and bold aesthetics that make this endlessly reusable and re-configurable system rise above the competition and firmly hold its place as the leader in modular office solutions. Praised by those that have already made the switch to a Sapphire system our new quick-ship options can be shipped in as little as 24 hours and installation is much less disruptive than traditional drywall additions creating less down time and requiring less labor. Though the initial purchase price of a demountable wall system may be higher than the cost of drywall a Sapphire system can end up saving thousands of dollars for small and medium sized businesses under Section 179 as it allows a tax deduction of up to $25,000 for office equipment and furniture. The perfect blend of sophistication and quality, treat yourself to Sapphire.

Quick-Ship Options 

Our quick-ship program is designed to get products to our customers when they need fast solutions and don’t want to sacrifice quality. Fully custom options are also available.

  • Removable and replaceable panels available in crisp white or double-pane tempered glass.
  • Sliding frosted acrylic door.
  • Brushed aluminum frame.
  • Built-in raceway for cabling.
  • Each wall is 3.25” thick and 4 panels high. Available quick-ship sizes are 2’x96” and 3’x96” (WxH). 
  • Optional insulation for laminate panels provides unrivaled sound absorbtion.


For more information visit www.cubicles.cc or contact us at 1-888-99-DESKS (1-888-993-3757) or sales@skutchi.com.


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